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Transition Day! TES Y4 Group 1 out; Group 2 in

Updated: May 6

The second group of campers arrived today. We got them all settled into their tents and then assembled in the dining hall to go over some camp policies and have a quick snack before joining the first group in a big game of survival/infection. In this game, campers can roam over a wide range to avoid being caught by other students. The game ends when only one or two campers are still "alive." With 90 campers playing, it can get quite exciting.

The weather has been better today than it was yesterday, but it is still a bit damp and drizzly. That won't stop us from packing in a full day of fun activities.

This afternoon, In addition to the big game, the teams had the following activities:

Group 1

Red team: Giant swing and Ecology

Blue team: Orienteering and Giant swing

Green team: Climbing and Orienteering

Yellow team: River tracing and Climbing

Group 2

Orange team: River tracing and Orienteering

Light blue team: Ecology and Climbing

Pink team: Giant swing and River tracing

Purple team: Orienteering and Ecology.

The campers are heading off to the showers now so they will be warm and dry for dinner. We will have our campfire program in the main dining hall tonight.

Good night from Camp Taiwan.

Dropbox links to photos below

Group 1

Group 2.

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