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About Us

Camp Taiwan is a unique English-immersion camping experience for both native speakers and learners alike. Forty-five minutes from Taipei, Camp Taiwan is nestled on 80 acres on the North Coast of Taiwan in the foothills between Jin Shan and Wan Li. The scenery at Camp is stunning. We are home to unspoiled forests, ponds, streams, mountain trails and hidden waterfalls. It is Taiwan as past generations remember it.

What We Do

We bring the traditions of North American-style camps to Asia and offer a unique camping experience to participants of all ages – from five to 15-year-olds in our summer camps all the way up to senior executives in our popular corporate retreats. Whether you come to camp as part of a summer, school, family or corporate group, we bring the same spirit and focus to everything we do.

Our Philosophy

Camp Taiwan is a community founded on respect for self, others and nature. We give every participant an experience that encourages personal growth and inspires cultural, social and environmental awareness. In our fun, safe and supportive environment, campers are free to participate fully, make friends and have a memorable experience. We have had a successful session if each of our campers has tried something new, made friends and had fun.

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