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TES French Section CE2 Day 2

Updated: 5 days ago

We had a nice campfire last night. We sang a few songs, played some fun games, and of course the campers got to roast marshmallows and make s'mores. They seemed to sleep relatively well because they seemed rested and full of energy for another day when they came up to breakfast.

The campers got to challenge themselves on our 13 meter climbing wall. The goal here is not necessarily to get to the top, but to expand their zone of comfort.

They also went river tracing in the stream behind camp. Although the river is not really deep enough to be dangerous, they gear up with river shoes, life jackets, and helmets. This creates the sense of adventure.

Each camper made a tie-dye shirt of their own design. They begin by drawing a picture and then dye the shirts a variety of colors. They then bind the shirts with rubber bands and dye them a variety of colors. The shirts make a nice souvenir.

We finished the afternoon with a wide game of Rainbow Tag. In this game, campers have to catch each other in the order of the colors of the rainbow. You can see them playing in the pictures below.

They are now showering and getting ready for dinner. We will have one more activity period after dinner.

Goodnight from Camp Taiwan.

This  Dropbox link to photos of your children is the same link I sent yesterday. These photos should be visible to you with the link. No further access to Dropbox is required. (For privacy reasons, we will remove this link from the blog when the next school arrives at Camp Taiwan. However, the link to Dropbox will remain active. If you copy the link, you can still view it at your convenience.)

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