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Week 1 Day 4: Water World!

Updated: Jul 8

Today, we started our Free Choice activities, as I explained yesterday. Campers get to sign up for their favorite activities a second time.

Photos: You will notice that the photos are sorted a little bit differently today. Since the teams are all mixed up now, the photos are sorted by activity instead of by team. I am afraid that this means that you will have to look through several folders to find pictures of your campers. Purple Team (teen campers) are still in a team folder since they are doing different activities.

One activity that they didn't have before is pond play, and several of the campers chose that one. (See the picture at the top of the page.) We have a small pond here, and the kids just get in and splash around. It doesn't sound like much, but it was a lot of fun.

For the last period of the day, we had our usual water wide game, which was very welcome after the hot morning. This time, we played "Gold Rush." There are many pieces of gold (ball-pool balls) scattered around camp. The campers have to collect them and take them back to their team base. However, there are also police (counselors) roaming around with water guns. If a camper is carrying gold, they can be shot by the police. They then have to drop their gold for someone else to pick up. It wasn't long before the campers realized that they could just throw the balls. This made it quite a bit more challenging for the counselors.

The teens went big river tracing this morning. It is similar to the regular river tracing that the youth campers do, but in a larger stream. After their afternoon rest, they had an outdoor living/cooking class. They learned to make a fire and cook bamboo rice. They also barbecued meat over the open fire.

All in all, it was a fun day and we had good weather throughout. We will have dinner shortly, so I am going to sign off here for today. As always, here is a link to photos.


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