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TES Year 4 Group 1

Updated: May 3

Hello from Camp Taiwan. The campers arrived in high spirits around 9 this morning. Skies were a bit cloudy, but the rain looked like it might hold off for a while. We got everyone into their tents to unpack a bit and met in the dining hall for a quick snack and orientation before starting our first activity.

Before lunch, we had one round of activities. The red team went river tracing, the blue learned a bit about the ecology around camp, the green team went on the giant swing, and the yellow team learned to navigate with an orienteering activity.

Right after the afternoon rest period, it began to rain. Fortunately, the campers all came prepared with the proper rain gear and activities went on as planned. Despite a bit of trepidation among the campers in the beginning, they learned that a bit of rain cannot dampen as sunny spirit.

The teams each had two activities in the afternoon.

Red team: Climbing and Orientation

Blue team: River tracing and Climbing

Green team: Ecology and River Tracing

The campers are writing in their journals now, and then we will start our campfire program and enjoy some delicious S'mores.

Good night from Camp Taiwan.

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