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TAS Grade 4 Group 3 Day 2

Updated: May 1

Campers getting safety briefing from Ian.

Dear Parents,

We had a very nice campfire last night. There was still a bit of rain, so we gathered in the lodge, but it wasn't so heavy that we couldn't have a cheery fire just outside the entryway. The campers were able to roast their marshmallows and make s'mores, which is always popular. We told stories and sang songs, including a traditional Camp Taiwan song that is meant to hold off the rain. All the campers appeared to thoroughly enjoy the program.

The activities for today (April 25th) are as follows.

Brown Team: Tie Dye, Zip Line, Lunch, Rest Period, River Tracing, and cooperative game.

Pink Team: Zip Line, River Tracing, Lunch, Rest Period, Archery, and cooperative game.

Purple Team: River Tracing, Archery, Lunch, Giant Swing, and cooperative game

It seems our campfire song to ward of the rain had some effect. The weather today was much more favorable than yesterday. It was overcast and cool for morning activities, but there was very little rain to speak of. That is actually perfect weather for Camp, as it is much more comfortable than hot weather. All the activities went on as planned, and there were happy faces and excited chatter throughout lunch.

The weather mostly continued to hold through the afternoon, with just a hint of a shower here and there. The cooperative game for the afternoon was a popular favorite, Rainbow Tag. In the first round, Luke from the Pink team managed to get the whole rainbow. In the second round, Lani and Linus, both from the brown team got the whole rainbow. A good time was had by all.

Campers are now in their respective tent areas showering and getting ready for dinner. We are hoping the weather cooperates for an outdoor night game. We will let you know how it goes in tomorrow's blog.

Goodbye from Camp Taiwan

Here is a Dropbox link for photos. We will update them periodically throughout the camp.

A note about pictures: With all the rain yesterday, one of the cameras got a little wet, and we were unable to upload those pictures. We dried it out overnight and were able to add the pictures to yesterday's Dropbox folder. If you didn't see many pictures of your child yesterday, you might take a second look at the day 1 photos.

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