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Summer 2023 Session 4 Day 2

Dear Parents,

We had some early risers at camp this morning as is common after the first night. Some of the younger boys, though, took this to the extreme. There were some blurry-eyed counselors at the morning meeting today before they had a chance to get some coffee. The busy day of camp today should mean the kids will be more likely to sleep the night through tonight, though!

Campers headed to the dining room for a big breakfast to get them through the day. We had two activity periods before lunch and two more after. Including the wide game tonight after dinner, that will be 6.5 hours of activities to keep everyone busy!

Teams followed this schedule today.

Red Team: Pillo Polo, ecology, lunch, river hike, archery

Orange Team: Ecology, river hike, lunch, archery, rock climbing

Brown Team: River hike, archery, lunch, rock climbing, crafts

Yellow Team: Rock climbing, crafts, lunch, cooperative games, giant swing

Pink Team: Archery, rock climbing, lunch, crafts, cooperative games

Gray Team (Teens): Cooperative games, cat walk, lunch, zip line, crafts

Campers are showering and getting ready for dinner. After dinner and journals, we will have our night wide game -- unless it rains. Then we will move our games indoors. We have plenty of indoor and outdoor activities planned for the next few days. We will have a good time.

Goodbye from Camp Taiwan

Please find a Dropbox Link below. Photos will be uploaded to this folder every evening -- usually by 8 p.m. Please note, many more photos will be uploaded throughout the week at different times. Be patient as events at camp can lead to busy counselors and directors and might delay uploads from time to time. On Saturday morning, we will upload the weekly videos for this session.


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