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Summer 2022 Session 6 Day 5

Dear Parents,

Today was our last full day of camp. It has been a long and fun week of activities and making new friends. After morning meetings and breakfast, campers started on their free choice activities. They could choose from archery, rock climbing, zipline, table games, and pond play. Those who chose archery or climbing a second time had the opportunity to take tests of skills and knowledge to try and earn level one or two stickers. It was also a day where campers didn't go to activities with just their teams. Everyone got to mix with other teams and experience camp with new friends.

Right now, campers are practicing with their teams for tonight's evening program. Tonight is our closing campfire. We begin with a traditional camp closing ceremony before the teams begin to perform for everyone. The teams are battling tonight for the special Oscar award. They will find out who won tomorrow when we present the awards and watch the videos and slideshows from the week after lunch.

Goodbye from Camp Taiwan

Please find a Dropbox Link below. Photos will be uploaded to this folder every evening -- usually by 8 p.m.

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