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Summer 2020 Session 5 Day 1

Dear Parents,

It was a wet beginning to session five as the storm passed the island to the north just while campers were boarding buses to head to camp. The rain came in starts and stops and we tried to plan camper movement to coincide with breaks in the rain. Our goal today was to keep the campers as dry as possible. After arriving at camp, campers checked into their tents and those with medicine met with the nurse. Teams played some warm up games and ice breakers and soon we had all gathered in the main hall for lunch. After lunch, teams had two activity periods. Since the weather later in the week looks pretty good, we rearranged the schedule to do most of our under-cover activities today.

Teams followed this schedule.

Purple Team: Check in, ice breakers, lunch, slackline, crafts

Red Team: Check in, ice breakers, lunch, cooperative games, board games

Yellow Team: Check in, ice breakers, lunch, board games, cooperative games

Blue Team: Check in, ice breakers, lunch, crafts, slackline

Gray Team (teens) 1: Check in, ice breakers, lunch, basketball, crafts

Gray Team (teens) 2: Check in, ice breakers, lunch, crafts, basketball

Right now campers are having showers and getting ready for dinner. After dinner tonight we will write in our camp journals all about the first day. Tonight's evening program is the opening campfire. We will sing songs, play games and roast marshmallows for S'mores. It will be a nice way to end a wet first day of camp.

Goodnight from Camp Taiwan,


As for the Dropbox link below, not all folders will have pictures added every day. The first few days, most pictures are sorted by team, not activity. Some activities lead to more picture taking opportunities. If some teams have more pictures than other teams, we will try and even it out by the end of the week (but no promises!!). We do our best, but our main concern is your campers' safety and programming, pictures are a distant fourth or fifth (even though they may be number one to you). Please note, we will not reply to emails about photos. Enjoy.

Please find a Dropbox Link below. Photos will be uploaded to this folder every evening -- usually by 8 p.m.

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