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Session 2 Day 3: A little bit of sun; a little bit of rain.

Updated: 4 days ago

Teen camp beach day

The morning was bright, sunny, and hot. It was a big day for the teens, as this was their beach day. They went kayaking and played a series of beach games. This is one of the big events that is included in teen camp, and it is always an exciting day.

The youth campers had the following morning activities:

Pink team: Climbing and archery

Light Blue team: Archery and Pond play

Red team: Cooperative games and climbing

Orange team: Table-top games and cooperative games

Green team: Pond Play and table-top games

I didn't talk about Pond Play yesterday. We have a small pond that is perfect for splashing around in and playing water games. There is also a slip-n-slide. In this hot weather, this has turned out be a very popular option.

We always have a rest period of a little more than an hour after lunch. During this time, campers are required to stay in or near their tents. This not only gives them a chance to rest, it also gets them out of the sun for the hottest part of the day. They don't actually have to take a nap at this time. Many of the kids read, or play card games in their tents. This is also when they get their mail.

The rest hour got extended a bit today by the heavy rain. When the rain began to let up, we had the campers come to the dining hall for some indoor activities. By the end of the first activity period, the rain had stopped and we are able to have our regular activity period. On the bright side, it was wonderfully cool for our final activities.

Tonight is movie night, so the campers will get a bit of much needed rest.

That is all for today. Here is the link for today's photos.


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