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Session 1 Day 5 Winding Down

Updated: Jul 8

We had another beautiful sunny day here today. We really have been very fortunate with the weather this whole week. We had some minor disruptions earlier in the week, but that is par for the course.

Today was another free choice activity day for the youth campers, so everyone was doing something different. Be sure to check out the pictures. Like yesterday, you will have to look through several folders. If you saw your camper in an activity yesterday, they probably won't be in that activity again today.

The teens did the two line bridge in the morning. This element is only available to teen campers. It involves walking along a cable 10 meters in the air while using a rope for stability. It takes both balance and courage.

Tonight we will have our closing campfire. The campers will each perform a skit that they have been practicing and there will be an acknowledgment of the winner at the closing ceremony tomorrow. The campers have made a lot of friends, and the closing campfire wraps up the camp experience for them.

Tomorrow, we have one final wide game before we board the buses for Taipei.

A couple of notes:

Buses: We will return to the Taipei Gymnasium. Our expected arrival is 3 pm but that depends a little on traffic. Please remember to park in the underground garage and leave space at the curb for our buses to park. We know you are eager to see your campers after a whole week, but please remember to step back and let everyone get off the bus and get their luggage. And for the safety of you and your children, please keep the bicycle lane clear.

Photos: There will be a link below for today's photos. Tomorrow, I will post a link to the entire week's photos. As I mentioned in the Day 1 blog, the links will be removed from the blog when the next group arrives at camp. However, if you copy the link, it will remain active and you can view the pictures at your leisure.

Good night from Camp Taiwan: Link to today's photos.


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