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Mandarin Camp Day 5

Dear Parents,

We have continued our run of decent weather. It has warmed considerably and the rain, for the most part, has left us alone. Campers got off to a good start with a big breakfast and soon were off at their first activities. All the teams rotated through three activities -- two before lunch and one after, before coming together for the final activity of the day.

Youth campers rotated through Frisbee Golf, kickball, and shrimping while the teens had cooking, zipline, and Geocaching. We are about to start the final activity of the afternoon -- a group game called Happy Happy Joy Joy. The returning campers know the game well and are very excited.

Today counselors have attempted to reach parents for the scheduled counselor phone call to update you on the camp so far. If we didn't reach you, hopefully, the photos and the blog are keeping you informed enough. Campers will try and call home during two windows next week -- Tuesday late afternoon/early evening and Wednesday morning. On Tuesday, we are on a field trip all day and campers will start calling when we return. For those who can't reach mom or dad, they will try again Wednesday morning.

Goodbye from Camp Taiwan,


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