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Lift School

Updated: Jun 16

We have been lucky with the weather so far today. Two buses of campers arrived under partly cloudy skies. We got them into the dining hall for a quick snack before sending them off to their first activities.

We changed the schedule a bit to take advantage of the weather. All the students did the Giant Swing today. This is one of the favorite activities at camp, a swing that is approximately 3 floors high. Campers can go as high as they wish, and they pull their own release to initiate the swing. It's lots of fun, so be sure to ask about it.

They also got to try their hand (and feet) at the climbing wall and cargo net. This requires a bit of skill, a bit of strength, and a bit of patience. But many of the campers make it to the top.

Tomorrow, the will all do river tracing and archery. For these activities, weather is not such an issue.

They are currently showering and getting ready for dinner. In the evening, we will have our campfire program with songs and games, and, of course, s'mores.

Good night from Camp Taiwan.

ere is a link to photos in Dropbox of your children participating in activities. These photos should be visible to you with the link. No further access to Dropbox is required. (For privacy reasons, we will remove this link from the blog when the next school arrives at Camp Taiwan. However, the link to Dropbox will remain active. If you copy the link, you can still view it at your convenience.)


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