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KueiShan Camp Day 1

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Dear Parents,

Camp got off to a good start as kids met the buses outside school right on time. Before long, we were all off to camp. More counselors were waiting there to greet children and start getting them checked into their tents. Campers had a tour of their living areas and then checked in with the nurse if they had medicine. I then met with all the campers and went over all of the important camp safety rules. Then it was time to start the fun. Campers had one activity before lunch and then two more after. Teams followed this schedule.

Blue Team: Check in/rules, giant swing, lunch, rock climbing, wide game

Green Team: Check in/rules, rock climbing, lunch, giant swing, wide game

Right now, campers are headed back to their tent areas for showers and a short rest before dinner. Tonight campers will write in their journals after dinner and then we will have our opening campfire.

Goodbye from Camp Taiwan

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