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Winter Camp Session 3, Day 2

Dear Parents,

Day two of camp got started as campers awoke in their cozy, warm beds and slowly made their way downstairs for a big breakfast. Campers needed all that energy because today is the busiest day of camp. Kids had two activities in the morning and two more after lunch. The team followed this schedule.

Yellow Team: Crafts, zipline, lunch, slackline, pillo polo

After the last activity today, campers return to the lodge for showers and a quick rest before dinner. After dinner, everyone writes all about their first day of camp in their journals. Then we have tonight's evening program. On the schedule after dinner today is movie night. Campers will get their pillows and blankets and we gather in the lodge dining room to watch a movie on the big screen. It is a nice relaxing ending to a long day.

Please find a link above to photos taken throughout the session. Counselors do their best to take as many quality photos as possible, but that is not their primary responsibility. Their main goal is to maintain camper safety and comfort and to make sure the kids are having a good time. Unfortunately, we cannot reply to any comments about photo taking.

Goodbye from Camp Taiwan

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