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TAAS Grades 6-7 Day 4

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Dear Parents,

We continued to get great weather at camp all through Thursday. Campers have the routine down very well now, and everyone was to breakfast right on time. This is the last full day of camp and we made the most of it to get a lot of fun into every hour. Teams had two activities before lunch and two more after. Campers followed this schedule.

6th Grade: Communication, archery, lunch, shelter building, wide game

7th Grade: Archery, Ecology: fauna, lunch, peer pressure workshop, wide game

Campers are having their showers now and will soon gather in the main hall for dinner. After dinner and journals tonight, we will have our last evening program -- the closing campfire. We still have more fun planned for tomorrow before the kids board the buses back to school.

Goodbye from Camp Taiwan

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