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TAAS Grade 6-7, Day 1

Dear Parents,

It was a little rainy to start our TAAS grade six and seven camp, but that didn't dampen the spirits of the campers. We had a full day of activities despite the wet weather. Campers arrived right on time this morning and were greeted by smiling counselors ready to receive them. First, campers checked into their tents, unpacked a little, and made their beds. Then it was off to the dining room to go over the camp rules and set the stage for the week with each team's Full Value Contract. Campers made team names and listed some values they agree to positively demonstrate this week. After lunch and a rest, it was all fun in the afternoon. Teams followed this schedule.

Sky Team (blue): Rules/Check in, Full Value Contract, Lunch/Rest, Sports, Rock Climbing

Thick Couds (gray): Rules/Check in, Full Value Contract, Lunch/Rest, Rock Climbing, Archery

Potato Bear (brown): Rules/Check in, Full Value Contract, Lunch/Rest, Archery, Zip Line

Right now, campers are about to come up for dinner. After dinner and journals, we will have our opening campfire. There will be singing, games, and, of course, marshmallow roasting. It will be a great way to end the first day of camp.

Goodbye from Camp Taiwan

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