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Summer 2023 Session 2 Day 5

Dear Parents,

Our last full day of camp was a hot one. I spoke to soon earlier in the week when I said we were grateful for cooler weather. Today was hot and sweaty, but that didn't stop the campers and counselors from going for it all day. Youth campers continued their free choice activities. Teen campers had touch rugby and giant swing in the morning.

After lunch, there is one more activity period -- free choice again for the youth campers, and teens will have a chance to make up the zip line which they missed earlier in the week. Then it is tent time for everyone. Teams will work on their performances for tonight's closing campfire. Campers (and especially counselors) get excited about taking home the coveted Oscar award for best performance.

One last mea culpa -- we send campers home with sticker cards and theme stickers representing each camp session is included. For this week's theme -- Australia -- I made the stickers. I've misspelled Aussie Adventure as Ausie Adventure. I once finished second in my elementary school spelling bee when I was in third grade, so I was mortified when I saw the error. There was no good work around to correct it, and I do not want to waste paper resources by printing new ones. Maybe one day the error will make this session's stickers a valuable item...

Goodbye from Camp Taiwan.

Please find a Dropbox Link below. Photos will be uploaded to this folder every evening -- usually by 8 p.m. Please note, many more photos will be uploaded throughout the week at different times. Be patient as events at camp can lead to busy counselors and directors and might delay uploads from time to time. On Saturday morning, we will upload the weekly videos for this session.

Session 2 Photos and Videos

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