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Summer 2023 Session 2 Day 4

Dear Parents,

The weather has warmed up as the week has gone on and campers and counselors are dealing well with it. Youth campers began their free choice activities today, and those will continue into tomorrow. The movie night last night helped get everyone caught up a bit on rest and fresh, energetic campers scurried all over camp today. Youth campers could choose from rock climbing (for level tests), archery (for levels), pond play, zip line, basketball, crafts, board games, dance, or crafts. It will be a little more difficult to find your campers' pictures as they are all mixed together for free choice. Happy hunting!

The teens made everyone a little jealous by starting their day in the river. Teen campers had a half-day river trek before lunch. This afternoon, youth campers and teen campers will all join in our water wide game. It's always a refreshing way to spend the late afternoon.

Tonight after dinner and journals, we will have our Australia party night. We will play games, listen to music, and have a loud, fun night to end the day.

Goodbye from Camp Taiwan.

Please find a Dropbox Link below. Photos will be uploaded to this folder every evening -- usually by 8 p.m. Please note, many more photos will be uploaded throughout the week at different times. Be patient as events at camp can lead to busy counselors and directors and might delay uploads from time to time. On Saturday morning, we will upload the weekly videos for this session.

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1 Comment

文潔 黃
文潔 黃
Jul 14, 2023

Thanks for your kindly and interesting sharing!😊

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