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Summer 2020 Session 7 Day 3

Dear Parents,

Our wonderful weather continued on Wednesday. Campers woke a little later this morning than they did yesterday. The extra rest was much appreciated by the counselors. After morning meetings we all gathered for a big breakfast and then it was off to activities. Youth campers had two core activities before lunch and two more periods after lunch. Our mini campers had a busy morning and then headed back home in the afternoon.

Campers followed this schedule.

Gray Team: Cooperative games, ecology, lunch, crafts, wide game

Yellow Team: Sports (Pillo Polo), crafts, lunch, ecology, wide game

Red Team: Crafts, sports (Pillo Polo), lunch, cooperative games, wide game

Blue Team: Ecology, cooperative games, lunch, sports (Pillo Polo), wide game

Purple Team (mini campers): Frisbee golf, packing, lunch, board games, closing

Youth campers are finishing up their wide game at the moment. After the game, campers will head to their living areas for showers and a rest before dinner. After dinner and journals, campers will enjoy the evening program. Wednesday is the mid way point of the week when campers start to get a little tired from the active schedule. That is why tonight's program is movie night. Campers will relax and enjoy a movie that fits our theme on the big screen. It is a great chance for the kids to recharge their batteries.

Goodbye from Camp Taiwan,


As for the Dropbox link below, not all folders will have pictures added every day. The first few days, most pictures are sorted by team, not activity. Some activities lead to more picture taking opportunities. If some teams have more pictures than other teams, we will try and even it out by the end of the week (but no promises!!). We do our best, but our main concern is your campers' safety and programming, pictures are a distant fourth or fifth (even though they may be number one to you). Please note, we will not reply to emails about photos. Enjoy.

Please find a Dropbox Link below. Photos will be uploaded to this folder every evening -- usually by 8 p.m.

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