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Session 2 Day 1

Updated: 4 days ago

A typical tent picture. Notice the color of the lanyard holding the name tag. This is the campers' color team.

Six buses of happy campers pulled into camp around 9:30. We spent the morning getting the kids unpacked and settled into their tents. Then we divided the campers into tent groups and color teams and spent the morning playing name games and icebreakers. This allows all the campers to get to know everyone's name and for the counselors to get to know the kids.

After lunch, we started our regular activity periods. I know there was a lot of heavy rain and lightning in Taipei, but the storm did not reach us until much later, so we were able to get through our first activity period. We did have to move to indoor activities for our second activity period, however.

While we are on the subject of weather, we received several calls and emails from concerned parents. We monitor the weather very closely. A little bit of rain will not interrupt our fun. However, if there is any sign of lightning or if there is very heavy rain, we cancel outdoor activities and move inside. Safety is our number one concern, and we will be sure to take good care of your children.

The storm has passed and the campers are now showering and preparing for dinner. After dinner, we will have our evening program. We are scheduled to have a campfire tonight, but we will have to see if the weather cooperates.


Below, you will find a Dropbox link to photos of your campers. You are probably wondering how to find pictures of your precious ones. If you don't remember their team color from this morning, start by looking through the "tent pictures" folder. When you find your child notice the color of the lanyard holding their name tag. You can then look in the folder with that team color for further pictures. For example in the picture at the top of this post, everyone in front of the tent is wearing a purple lanyard, so if one of them is your child, you would look in the "Purple Team" folder for more pictures.

A note about photos. We give each team a camera with which to take photos during activities. They try their best to get good photos, but their first priority is managing the campers to be sure everyone is being safe and having fun. It is also important to remember that children act differently when being photographed. Some children turn to the camera and smile for a photo, while others turn away and hide their faces. We will take as many photos as we can and try our best to get photos of everyone's children eventually.

Link to photos. (This link should allow you to view and download pictures without any further access or sign-in required.)


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