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Session 1 Day 2

Updated: Jul 8

We woke up to a beautiful cloudless, albeit quite hot morning. After a breakfast of French toast, sausages, eggs, fruit salad, and cereal, the teams went out to take part in their morning activity periods. Now that you know your camper's team color, I will post the activities by team. (If you don't know your team color, check yesterday's post.)

Red team: Giant Swing and sports (pillow polo)

Orange and Pink teams: sports and Giant Swing

Light blue team: river tracing and ecology

Green team: ecology and river tracing

Purple team: zipline and archery

You are probably wondering what some of these activities are. For those that are not self explanatory (like archery), I will explain.

Giant Swing is one of our special attractions. A camper is suspended from a cable about 2.5 meters above the ground. The other campers the pull on a rope to take them to the top of the swing. Campers can go as high as they wish before pulling the release let them swing. It takes a bit of courage, but it's great fun.

Our sporting event is pillow polo. It is like a kinder, gentler version of field hockey. The sticks are padded and it uses a soft foam ball. We try to choose sports that the campers don't usually get to play elsewhere so that everyone is a beginner.

River tracing is a popular event in Taiwan, but people from abroad may not be familiar with it. There is a small stream behind the camp and we follow it upstream. There are several pools along the way where they can play various games. The campers all wear special river booties, life jackets, and helmets. The stream is actually not deep enough for there to be any danger of drowning, but the life jackets provide some padding if someone falls down, and it also adds to the sense of adventure.

Our ecology program begins with a brief lesson on a topic. For this summer, they are looking at the mouthparts of various insects. However, the real fun is that the campers get to explore the various pools and catch bugs, freshwater shrimp, and even some small fish.

After lunch and rest hour, the youth campers had a session (90 minutes) of "tent time." Tent time doesn't actually need to be spent in the tent, but it is a chance for tentmates to do some activity of their choosing in smaller groups. Some of the campers chose to play board games, others played dodgeball, one of the girls' teams made bracelets. There was a bit of a rain storm, so the activities did end up being under cover of some sort.

The Purple team (Teens) did their craft period this afternoon. They made "shrinky-dinks." To do this, they draw a picture on an A4 size piece of plastic film. It is then heated in an oven, and it shrinks to about 1/6th the size and becomes hard plastic which can be used as a key chain.

The campers are all eating dinner now. The teens have their movie night tonight, while the youth campers will play an outdoor game.

That is all for now. The link to the pictures is below. Please note: For your children's privacy, these links will be removed from the blog when the next group arrives. However, if you save the links, you will still be able to access the pictures for the foreseeable future.

Dropbox link for day 2


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