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Mandarin Camp Day 6

Updated: Jul 1

We woke up to a beautiful sunny morning at Camp Taiwan this morning. After a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs, the two teams went off to their respective activities.

Today both Yellow and Blue team did the zipline. This is another one of our highlights, and also one of the scariest. For some of the campers, it really takes a lot of courage to climb up to the platform and then to finally make the commitment to slide off the platform and zoom down the line. We encourage everyone to go as far as they can, but we never push a camper to do something they don't want to do. Everyone on the Blue team went down the zip line. Everyone on the Yellow team, which has the younger campers, made it up to the platform, and almost everyone went down the line.

Blue team also had the Giant Ladder today. This is part of our climbing wall, but it is made of horizontal bars about 5 feet apart. It looks easy, but it is surprisingly difficult. One of main challenges of this activity is that it requires a team effort to complete it. Two campers climb together and they have to cooperate to make it up. Sometimes the campers who are better climbers actually don't do as well on the Giant ladder because they are not used to working as a team.

Yellow team, being younger, mostly don't reach the height requirement for the Giant Ladder. They had a second day of climbing, but this time they got to try the more challenging level. This wall has some difficult overhangs, but some of the campers still made it to the top.

Our first afternoon session was disrupted by sudden showers and sporadic lightning, so we had another indoor activity. We are having a small-group egg drop competition. We collected a number of items that campers can use, but first we gave them a number of tokens and auctioned off the items. The bidding got heated at times and it was fun to see the kids evaluating whether an item was worth the cost and think about how they could use it to complete the task.

The weather improved a bit, so we went back to our originally scheduled activities. The Blue Team did the Giant Swing, which I described the other day. The Yellow Team played Pillow Polo, but because the field was a bit soggy, we moved it inside our large dining hall. It was lots of fun.

The campers have all showered and are eating dinner now. They will spend some time writing in their journals after dinner. Then we will finish our egg drop competition as part of our evening program. We will let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Here is the link to the Dropbox folder. Yesterday some people reported that the link didn't work. The photos were put in the Dropbox folder before the blog was posted, so if there is a problem, please let us know at


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