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Mandarin Camp Day 5

Updated: Jul 1

Hi everyone,

First, I want to report on last night's egg drop competition. We had some pretty creative designs, given the limited materials the campers had to work with. In the end, only one team's egg survived the drop from 2 meters. I give full credit to everyone for trying hard and working together to come up with a good idea. In the end it was fun for everyone, and that is the real point. By the way, I have added a few photos from last night. The egg drop competition and today's activities were mixed teams, so I have added a new folder for both teams together.

This afternoon, we had a cultural exchange with a small local elementary school near Camp Taiwan. Since the campers had a bit of a hike to the school in the afternoon, we planned crafts activities in the morning.

The first thing they made was silk screen prints. To do this, each person is given paper to draw a picture. Then, they are given a silk screen on a wooden frame. They place the silk screen over the picture, and they paint on the silk with waterproof paint.

The next step would be to place the frame on a cloth shirt or bag and go over it with a thick paint like acrylic. The waterproof paint on the screen will take some time to dry, so we won't do that here. It would be a nice project to do with your children when they return if you wish. The screen can be used to make multiple copies.

We then made our own sushi rolls for lunch. The kitchen staff prepared the materials, and the campers got to roll them in the seaweed. They were not always pretty, but they were pretty tasty.

In the afternoon, we walked to a nearby school. It is about a 30 minute walk. The students and staff had prepared an activity where they learned the names of various vegetables in Chinese, and then got to model them out of clay. It was a good opportunity for the kids to interact with Taiwanese Children. After making the vegetables, they had a big game of a modified version of T-Ball. The school only has 21 students in grades 1 through 5, so they all came out to play. Everyone seemed to have a fun time.

That is all for now. In a few minutes, we will begin our "party night" activities.

Here is the link for the Dropbox. Don't forget that this link will be removed from the blog when the next group arrives. However, if you copy the link, you will still have access to the Dropbox folder for the foreseeable future.


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