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Mandarin Camp Day 4

Dear Parents,

No rain today! Kids and counselors were happy to welcome in some dry weather. Kids arrived in the dining room right on time for a big breakfast to prepare them for an active day of camp. Teams had two activities in the morning and two more rotations in the afternoon. The youth campers had rock climbing and tie dye in the morning session. Teen campers had archery and rock climbing before lunch.

After lunch, we kept the campers outdoors (per their request) with two more rotations. The youth campers played Pillo Polo and did the giant swing. Teen campers had an afternoon learning survival skills. First they learned to build fires and then counselors showed them some necessary knots to construct a shelter. It was a very active afternoon and we aren't done yet. In about an hour, the campers will head to showers and a quick rest before dinner. Tonight after dinner, if the weather holds up, we will have a camp-wide game -- Counselor Hunt.

Goodbye from Camp Taiwan,


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