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Mandarin Camp Day 3

Updated: Jul 1

Hello from Camp Taiwan. Today's activities were a bit disrupted by the presence of thunder and lightning, but we managed to make the most of it and we still had a good time.

Right after breakfast, it wasn't raining, but there was some lightning in the area. We always make safety our top priority, so we rearranged our schedule to have some indoor games that we had planned for the afternoon in our first session, and moved the outdoor activities to the afternoon.

The lightning had moved out by the time our second session started, so the Yellow Team got to try our Giant Swing. This is one of the highlights of Camp Taiwan. Campers are suspended from a cable between two poles. They are then pulled up as high as they dare to go by their fellow campers. At the apex, they pull the release to send them swinging back and forth.

Meanwhile, the Blue Team tried their hand at pillow polo. This is like a kinder, gentler version of field hockey, played with soft clubs and a spongy ball. It can get very competitive and is always a lot of fun.

We enjoyed a nice lunch and another round of Wide games outside. Today, we played "infection." In this game, one person is a virus and everyone else needs to avoid being caught. If someone is caught, they become infected and can catch other people. The last person to get caught is the winner.

Our final session of activities was disrupted by another bout of lightning, so we played another series of indoor games. The teams were supposed to do the Giant Swing (Blue Team) and Pillow Polo (Yellow Team). We will be sure that they get a chance to do these activities later in the week.

The campers have showered and are eating dinner now. It is movie night tonight, so the kids will have a bit of a chance to rest and relax.

That is it for today. As always, here is a link to photos.


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