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Mandarin Camp Day 1

Updated: Jul 1

We spent the first part of the day getting everyone checked into their tents and played a quick round of games so that everyone could get a chance to get to know each other.

The campers are divided into two groups or "teams," although it is not really competitive. The photos of the campers will be divided into team folders. In order to know what team your child is on, you can first check the pictures in the "tent pictures" folder. Note whether your child's name tag is on a blue or yellow lanyard. You can then look in the appropriate folder for more photos.

Blue Team had climbing for their morning session. We have a 15 meter climbing wall and cargo net. Yellow team played a series of cooperative games, which is a perfect way to break down some inhibitions on the first day of camp. They will reverse in a future session so that everyone gets a chance to do all the same activities at some point.

After lunch, the campers had two more activity sessions. They got to express their creative side by making their own tie dye shirts. And they also practiced the staple of summer camps everywhere, archery. Campers are instructed in the basic technique and then they get a bit of practice. There is usually time for a quick competition at the end of the activity.

Right at the end of the last activity session, we had quite a big storm. This is a common occurrence this time of year in Taiwan and is part of the adventure of being at camp. There is no need to worry. Due to heavy rain, we have modified the evening schedule a bit. They are playing indoor games at the moment. We will have our campfire a bit earlier than usual, and shower time will be after the campfire. The rain should have stopped by then and the campers will go to bed warm, clean, and dry.

All in all, it has been a fun first day at camp. We still have some evening activities planned, but I wanted to let you know that there is no need to worry about the weather, so I am posting this a bit earlier than usual.

Have a good evening.

Here is a link to photos in Dropbox of your children participating in activities. These photos should be visible to you with the link. No further access to Dropbox is required. (For privacy reasons, we will remove this link from the blog when the next group arrives at Camp Taiwan. However, the link to Dropbox will remain active. If you copy the link, you can still view it at your convenience.)


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