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Lift School Day 2

Updated: Jun 16

We weren't quite as lucky with the weather today. We had light to medium but steady rain for most of the morning. Luckily, we did the activities that are more affected by the weather yesterday.

Today, the campers did river tracing. The river is just ankle to knee deep, and there is no danger of it swelling with the rain. They also did archery. We ended the day with a short period of indoor games. I am sure your children can tell the stories better than I can, so I will leave it to them.

I want to close by saying that all the kids and teachers from Lift school have been a pleasure to host here at Camp Taiwan. We really enjoyed having them.

This is the same dropbox link I sent yesterday, but I have added pictures from today. These photos should be visible to you with the link. No further access to Dropbox is required. (For privacy reasons, we will remove this link from the blog when the next school arrives at Camp Taiwan. However, the link to Dropbox will remain active. If you copy the link, you can still view it at your convenience.)


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