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Mandarin Camp Day 3

Dear Parents,

We rearranged things today because the clouds and rain decided to settle over camp last night and stick around most of the day. We kept the kids undercover as much as possible and almost completely dry in the afternoon. The completely outdoor activities we had planned for today will be rescheduled to tomorrow or in the coming days (the advantages of a two-week camp!). The red and brown team spent the morning rotating through archery and slackline. The teens worked on their Full Value Contracts and then had cooperative games focused around leadership and communication.

After lunch, campers stayed in the upper camp area and rotated through two more activities. The teens did sports followed by slackline. The two teams of youth campers rotated through table top games and cooperative games. Campers have just finished up their afternoon activities and are getting ready for showers and a quick rest before dinner. After dinner tonight, campers will write in their journals before heading back up to the lodge for the evening program. Tonight is a cozy movie night in the lodge. Check back over the next few hours for more photos to be uploaded.

Goodbye from Camp Taiwan,


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