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Summer Camp Daily Schedule

The day at Camp Taiwan is packed with fun and exciting activities. We start with a hearty breakfast at 8 am, and are beginning our regular activities at 9. 

The campers participate in 2 core activities in the morning. Core activities include climbing, zip line, giant swing, river tracing, ecology, crafts, etc. Campers try all the activities in a regular rotation, and then they get to do their favorites during "free choice" periods. 

After lunch they have a period of rest time before another 2 core activities in the afternoon. 

Wide games are games that include all the campers participating together either in a cooperative or competitive way. The day ends with an evening program that varies by the day. 

Classic Camp Taiwan schedule
World Explorer schedule

Note: The core activities for Classic Camp and World Explorer are the same. The Wide games and crafts are tailored to the theme during the World Explorer camp.

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