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TES Y5 Group 2, Day 2

Dear Parents,

We had a rainy second day of camp, but it wasn't enough to dampen the enthusiasm of our Y5 campers. They have proven to be a very resilient bunch. The morning started right on time and after the morning bell we all gathered in the main hall for a big breakfast to get us through the busiest day of camp. Teams had two activities before lunch and two more after -- and we aren't done yet. We still have a big evening program later tonight. Campers followed this schedule.

Orange Team: Geo cache, archery, lunch, river tracing, tie dye

Blue Team: Tie dye, survival, lunch, archery, river tracing

Gray Team: River tracing, tie dye, lunch, rock climbing, archery

Pink Team: Archery, river tracing, lunch, survival, rock climbing

Campers are finishing up shower time and will soon make their way to the main hall. After dinner and journals, we will have a Halloween Party Night. Campers will play holiday-themed games, listen to music and generally frolic about having a nice time until it is time for bed. It should be a great way to end a rainy day at camp.

Please find a Dropbox Link below. Photos will be uploaded to this folder by 8 p.m.

Goodbye from Camp Taiwan,


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