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TES Y5 Group 1, Day 2

Dear Parents,

Things got a bit wet at camp on day two as the rain in the forecast decided to show up after all. The weather hasn't dampened the spirits of the campers, though. Laughing children made their way up to the dining hall on time this morning for a big hot breakfast of french toast, bacon, scrambled eggs, and more. At lunch time we made them all hot milk tea and tonight they will be treated to hot chocolate -- all treats that we save for days just like this one. Despite the rain, campers had a full day of activities. Teams followed this schedule.

Red Team: Zip line, geo cache, lunch, giant swing, survival

Purple Team: Tie dye, zip line, lunch, geo cache, giant swing

Green Team: River tracing, tie dye, lunch, zip line, geo cache

Brown Team: Archery, river tracing, lunch, tie dye, zip line

Right now campers are having a well-deserved hot shower and getting cleaned up for tonight. Our evening program tonight has changed from an outdoor wide game to a fun, indoor Halloween-themed party. It will be a great to spend the last night of camp.

Goodbye from Camp Taiwan,


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