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TES Grade 2 Group 2

Updated: May 27

We started the day with just a light misty rain as the campers arrive this morning. After a quick introduction and snack, we sent them off to their respective activities.

They all had one activity period before sitting down to dine on a big lunch of spaghetti and quesadillas. The weather continued to hold throughout the day. It was damp, but we didn't have hard rain and the children were able to remain reasonably dry.

Campers participated in the following activities:

Crafts: The campers made a variety of things out of pipe cleaners, including flowers and even a chameleon. Be sure to ask to see their mementos from Camp Taiwan.

Frisbee Golf: In this combination of two classic games, campers move in teams around the camp area trying to hit various targets or "holes" along the way. It is not only a fun game, but also a way for them to learn their way around camp.

Bouldering: This is the beginning stage of our climbing wall. Campers get to try traversing the wall without the pressure of being high up. They are just a few feet off the ground. Campers also learn about cooperating and looking out for each other, as they take turns spotting the climber on the wall.

Ecology: As always, we work to make sure that the campers get to learn a bit about the ecology of camp. Campers had a list of animals and insects they had to find in the grass and pools around camp.

All in all, we got very lucky with the weather. We didn't have any really heavy rain until after the buses rolled out of camp. We are keeping our fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Goodbye from Camp Taiwan

Here is a link to photos in Dropbox of your children participating in activities. These photos should be visible to you with the link. No further access to Dropbox is required. (For privacy reasons, we will remove this link from the blog when the next school arrives at Camp Taiwan. However, the link to Dropbox will remain active. If you copy the link, you can still view it at your convenience.)

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