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Summer 2023 Mandarin Camp Day 2

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Dear Parents,

The great weather continued today as campers awoke for the first time this morning at camp. It was a quiet morning as the cicadas made more noise than the campers as they got up and started getting ready for their day. Soon, counselors and campers had gathered in the main hall for a big breakfast of French toast, scrambled eggs, sausage, cereal, fruit and more. They needed a nutritious meal to get them through a full day of activities. Campers had two activities before lunch and two more after. We were joined at camp this afternoon by some graduating sixth graders from the local school next to camp. They played activities with campers and spoke lots of Mandarin, of course.

Teams followed this schedule today.

Orange Team: Giant swing, cooperative games, lunch, archery, wide game

Green Team: Archery, giant swing, lunch, cooperative games, wide game

Right now, campers are finishing up their last activity before shower time. Tonight, after dinner and journals campers will play a night wide game called Big Foot. It is an exciting way to finish off the day. Tomorrow is phone call day. At some point tomorrow, counselors (not campers) will phone the parent contact number on file to give an update on the week so far for your campers.

Goodbye from Camp Taiwan

Please find a Dropbox Link below. Photos will be uploaded to this folder every evening -- usually by 8 p.m. Videos are created and edited throughout the week and typically uploaded to the Dropbox folder on the morning of the last day of camp.

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