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Summer 2021 Session 8 Day 3

Dear Parents,

Hot, sunny weather has returned to camp as we reached the halfway point of Session 8. Counselors roused the campers at about 7 to get them starting the preparations for their day. After breakfast, everyone went off to the first activity of the day. This morning, campers used a lot of teamwork. First, they climbed the Giant Ladder in teams of two. Following that, they spread out around camp on a scavenger hunt using GPS devices.

Campers are currently having lunch. They will soon head to their tents for a nice rest during the hottest part of the day. This afternoon, the children will learn some camp cooking. Campers will roll their own dough, make fires and try to make the outdoor version of a sweet cinnamon roll. I can't wait to try them.

Tonight after dinner and journals is our night wide-game. Tonight it is Counselor Hunt. Staff will spread out around the camp and find hiding places. Campers will be rewarded for every counselor they can find.

Goodbye from Camp Taiwan

Please find a Dropbox Link below. Photos will be uploaded to this folder every evening -- usually by 8 p.m.

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