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Summer 2021 Session 5 Day 5

Dear Parents,

Session 5 is starting to look a lot like one of our Fall camps. Fog and drizzle greeted campers this morning and never burned away. It is a different feel from a typical summer day, but the cool temperatures are great and no thunderstorms meant we got a full day of activities in. Campers had two activities before lunch and two more after. Tent Time today focused on preliminary packing and preparing for tonight's closing campfire. Each team will perform tonight in the hopes of earning the coveted Oscar award. It should be fun. Teams followed this schedule.

Brown Team: Basketball, Shrimping, Lunch/Rest, Games, Tent Time

Orange Team: Shrimping, Frisbee Golf, Lunch/Rest, Archery, Tent Time

Pink Team: Frisbee Golf, Archery, Lunch/Rest, Games, Tent Time

Gray Team: Crafts, Ultimate Frisbee, Lunch/Rest, Tent Time, Games

It looks like the weather will force our campfire undercover tonight, but that won't change the program at all. Campers will have a chance to sing songs, play games, give their performances, and have one more shot at roasting marshmallows for S'mores.

Good night from Camp Taiwan

Please find a Dropbox Link below. Photos will be uploaded to this folder every evening -- usually by 8 p.m.


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