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Summer 2021 Session 5 Day 3

Dear Parents,

We had a nice cool day of camp today. We had a bit of rain last night and that led to nice sleeping weather. In the morning, campers were slow to wake up as the pace of the week begins to catch up with them. Counselors got them prepared for their activities and ready for their day and soon we were all gathered in the dining room for breakfast. Teams had two activities before lunch and two more after. In the afternoon, each group had a "Tent Time" activity. This is when counselors and campers, in smaller groups, can come up with their own activities to do. Some played Frisbee, some played games, and some even painted the camp car. Teams followed this schedule.

Brown Team: Archery, Table Top Games, Lunch/Rest, Wide Game, Tent Time

Orange Team: Table Top Games, Zipline, Lunch/Rest, Wide Game, Tent Time

Pink Team: Zipline, Pillo Polo, Lunch/Rest, Wide Game, Tent Time

Gray Team: Big River Tracing, Lunch/Rest, Slackline, Tent Time

Tonight after dinner is our Movie Night. It is a nice relaxing way for the campers to spend the midway point of the week. They can recharge their batteries and get ready for the homestretch of camp.

Good night from Camp Taiwan

Please find a Dropbox Link below. Photos will be uploaded to this folder every evening -- usually by 8 p.m.

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