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Summer 2020 Session 4 Day 2

Dear Parents,

It was a lovely start to the second day of camp. Blue skies and chirping birds woke the campers just after six this morning. After early staff meetings, campers and counselors had their tent meetings and went over the day's schedule to make sure campers had everything they needed. Tuesday is always a very long day of camp. After breakfast, campers had two activities before lunch and two more after. We also have an outdoor evening program activity to end the day.

Teams followed this schedule.

Purple Team: Giant swing, rock climbing, lunch, wide game, tent time

Yellow Team: River tracing, archery, lunch, wide game, tent time

Red Team: Archery, river tracing, lunch, wide game, tent time

Blue Team: Rock climbing, giant swing, lunch, wide game, tent time

Gray Team 1 (teens): Zip line, Ultimate Frisbee, lunch, giant swing, archery

Gray Team 2 (teens): Ultimate Frisbee, zip line, lunch, archery, giant swing

Campers are having their shower time now and will soon head to the main hall for dinner. After dinner and journals, we will have our evening program. Tonight is the night wide game. Campers will embark on an adventure across camp during this Olympic-themed game.

Goodnight from Camp Taiwan,


As for the Dropbox link below, not all folders will have pictures added every day. The first few days, most pictures are sorted by team, not activity. Some activities lead to more picture taking opportunities. If some teams have more pictures than other teams, we will try and even it out by the end of the week (but no promises!!). We do our best, but our main concern is your campers' safety and programming, pictures are a distant fourth or fifth (even though they may be number one to you). Please note, we will not reply to emails about photos. Enjoy.

Please find a Dropbox Link below. Photos will be uploaded to this folder every evening -- usually by 8 p.m.

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