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Mandarin Camp Day 9

Dear Parents,

The weather has mercifully stayed dry longer than anticipated and we are thankful. I expect rain the next few days, but the extra day of dry weather means we have saved up quite a few indoor activities -- good planning by Jojo!

Youth campers had four activity periods today -- two before lunch and two more after. The teen campers had one main activity and spent the rest of the morning getting ready for their overnight camping trip (on camp property). Youth campers had rock climbing and ecology in the morning and Geocaching and archery in the evening. Tonight they will have board game night in the lodge after dinner.

Teens spent the morning on the giant swing and then packing for the camping trip. They set off in the afternoon. We will walk them around in circles a bit so hopefully they don't realize how close they are to the main camp. The purpose of the camping isn't to get them into the middle of nowhere (we kind of already are in the middle of nowhere), but to teach them some good camping skills -- tent set up, fire building, outdoor cooking. It should be a fun night for them.

Goodbye from Camp Taiwan,


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