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Mandarin Camp Day 7

Dear Parents,

It was a chilly day at camp, but the kids started off the day very happy because we had pancakes for breakfast. They have been asking for them for several days now and we were happy to oblige. And, despite the rain last night, we had a relatively dry day at camp despite the cool weather. Like all days at camp, it was quite busy.

In the morning the youth campers went to Daping Elementary School where teachers and students helped teach them how to make some delicious treats. Later in the day the youth campers did the zip line.

Teen campers stayed at camp this morning (they will travel to a jr. high school later in the week). Teens rotated through two activities before lunch -- Leave No Trace and Archery 2. In Leave No Trace, campers learned about ways to protect nature while also enjoying it at the same time. In the afternoon, teens did tie dye.

All the campers had one activity period in the afternoon to get their clean clothes back and tidy up their rooms. Extra time was spent playing table top games and getting warm in the cozy confines of the lodge.

Campers are off to take their showers now and enjoy a quick rest before dinner.

Goodbye from Camp Taiwan,


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