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Mandarin Camp Day 6

Dear Parents,

Kids and counselors had a long day in Taipei. It was sunny, hot, and everyone had a great time. Photos tonight will be later than normal. Once we are all back at camp, we will begin uploading them. The day started with a big breakfast before boarding buses and heading into civilization. We started in the traditional area of Taipei around DiHua St. Campers were divided into smaller teams and, each with a counselor in tow, walked all over the area in search of scavenger hunt items. Kids had to speak Mandarin to area vendors in order to buy traditional Taiwanese snacks and other items. After all the walking was done, we tried to have lunch, but most of the campers had snacked on too many treats along the way to eat very much.

After lunch, we visited the Children's Amusement Park in Shilin. Kids walked from one ride to another and got to see a very good street performer doing Chinese Yo-yo tricks. All in all, it was a great day of camp (away from camp).

Mandarin Camp Photos

Goodbye from Camp Taiwan,


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