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Mandarin Camp Day 12

Dear Parents,

The rain has ended. The campers are very excited about tomorrow. There is a buzz in the air as they begin preparations to return home or head off on more adventures for the rest of their break. Campers started packing up properly this morning after breakfast and cleaning up their living areas one last time. We had a few lingering showers this morning, so the timing worked well. In the afternoon, all the campers played a camp-wide game together called Survival. They were divided into herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores and then set off around camp in an effort to find what they need to survive -- all while avoiding predators. After that was sports all together before heading back to the lodge for shower time.

The campers are eager to show moms and dads who are coming tomorrow their favorite game -- Happy Happy Joy Joy. So, be prepared for that. Tomorrow is our last day of camp as well after a long season that started in March. We can't think of a better way to finish up than with this group of campers!

Goodbye from Camp Taiwan,


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