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Mandarin Camp Day 10

Dear Parents,

The rain has arrived. We kept campers as dry as possible today so planned a lot of undercover things to do. The morning began with breakfast in the dining hall for the youth campers. Our teen campers made their own breakfast at their campsite before heading back home. The teens spent the morning cleaning up their site and then returned to take nice hot showers. They then joined the youth campers in their craft activity.

Youth campers had sports, crafts, and cooking today. After lunch, all the campers had an extended rest in the cozy lodge where they could watch the rain whip up against the windows while they played games, cards, or read a book. We sometimes forget how much kids just like to hang out. And it's especially nice to see kids entertain themselves without the help of electronic devices (no one ever even mentions them!).

Some groups are working on their craft now, and one team of youth campers is learning to make flat bread pizza which we will have for dinner tonight.

Goodbye from Camp Taiwan,


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