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Mandarin Camp 2020 Day 3

Dear Parents,

We are about halfway through our week of Mandarin Camp. The children have done great and are already feeling the effects of long days of camp life. We plan accordingly with a nice, relaxing Day 3 evening program.

The morning began with my favorite breakfast -- congyoubing (蔥油餅). Campers came prepared for the morning activities with copious amounts of sunscreen and full water bottles. The blue and red teams rotated through two activities before lunch -- giant swing and crafts. In crafts, campers made Chinese chops -- rubber stamps with their own special design. After lunch, both teams came together for two activities. First up after lunch was the camp-wide game, Survival. Children were assigned different roles of herbivores, omnivores, humans, etc. and then set out across camp to find shelter, water and food to survive (metaphorically). The second activity after lunch was a camp favorite called Happy Happy Joy Joy. It is a small field capture-the-flag type game that is extremely addictive.

Right now, campers are finishing heading to their tent areas for shower time. After showers, we will gather in the dining room for dinner and journal writing. Tonight's evening program is Movie Night. It is a good opportunity for campers to catch up on their rest and take a little break. By tomorrow they will have their second wind and be ready to finish the week strong. The movie is a "mouse-related" movie that I really like, but might be too old for them to be interested in. We are going to give it a go anyway. We have a backup just in case their is a mutiny.

Goodnight from Camp Taiwan,


As for the Dropbox link below, not all folders will have pictures added every day. The first few days, most pictures are sorted by team, not activity. Some activities lead to more picture taking opportunities. If some teams have more pictures than other teams, we will try and even it out by the end of the week (but no promises!!). We do our best, but our main concern is your campers' safety and programming, pictures are a distant fourth or fifth (even though they may be number one to you). Please note, we will not reply to emails about photos. Enjoy.

Please find a Dropbox Link below. Photos will be uploaded to this folder every evening -- usually by 8 p.m.

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